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Cabernet, Merlot, Pinot Noir - when it comes to wine, it's easy to stick with what we know and love. But did you know some of the best varietals of the Mediterranean aren't amongst the classics you find front-and-center at the wine shop?

Beginning October 6, join us every other Sunday as our sommeliers introduce you to lesser-known, but equally delicious, red wines of the Mediterranean. 



Wines of

La Rioja


Red Wines

of Sicily

Sip & Shop Like the Pros

Get expert tips as you gain the confidence you need to navigate the wine aisle like a pro, selecting lesser-known labels at any price point.

Host at Home

Leave every tasting with a Wine at Home Kit (valued at $60!), complete with printed material and a bottle of wine so you can host your own Mediterranean tasting parties at home!

Tim Chagnon

Enthralled with the history and inner-workings of every bottle he experiences, a passion for wine has been running through Tim’s vines - oops, veins!- since entering the hospitality industry over a decade ago.


A thirst for knowledge, and Rosé Champagne, led Tim to rapidly scale the ranks from waiting tables to becoming a Certified Level II Sommelier and Wine Educator. Today, he brings his expertise to Twenty-Nine to entertain and educate others on obscure, lesser-known varietals of the Mediterranean.

Jordan Mackey

Owner & Executive Chef Jordan's impressive background includes time spent developing custom wine blends in Napa Valley alongside some of the country's most influential growers. Working directly in the vineyards, Jordan honed his expertise in the impact agricultural factors, such as terroir and climate, have on wine's overall composition.

Aside from his expertise in food and wine pairings, Jordan brings his extensive knowledge of viticulture to every tasting class, sharing insider tips & tricks for picking out a good bottle of wine at any price point. 

Tasting Educators


Not only will you get to try your fair share of sippers during class, but you’ll also head home with a gift bag full of goodies so you can play sommelier with your friends & family.

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If your knowledge of wine is limited to pulling out the cork and pouring, then make sure to mark your calendar for Twenty-Nine Rustic Mediterranean’s upcoming wine tasting classes.

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